Your program is in a brilliant format. Just in two days of using your format, I can sincerely appreciate how much better it is than the Rosetta Stone that I was using.

Franco B., Spanish Wizards User

Natural, Interesting Lessons

Our focus is on helping you learn by exposing you to natural Spanish conversations for all skill levels. The better you get, the tougher the lessons you pick. It's that easy!

Language Guides

All of our natural lessons are delivered by our friendly "Guides" — engaging native speakers from Spanish speaking countries around the world, each with their own unique story and perspective.

Save Words in Context

All of our conversation and video lessons come with full transcripts. This allows you to easily follow along with the conversation and save the words you already know as well as the ones you need to practice.

Contextual Vocabulary

Once you have saved some words, those words will automatically appear highlighted in all other lesson transcripts. This powerful feature turns you into an active participant in the lesson, allowing you to see your saved words in their natural context.

Word Management

As your word collection grows, you will be able to organize your words into lists with simple "drag and drop", study them as flashcards, and practice them with interactive games in our practice lab!

Foundational Grammar Lessons

Our robust library of lessons also features grammar lessons which focus on the foundational principals of Spanish including verb conjugation, subject pronouns, nouns and adjectives, and much more!

Useful Vocabulary Lists

In addition to contextual vocabulary, our library of content also features hundreds of pre-built lists of the most common Spanish words with audio and colorful imagery.